Gails Papillons

CH Clearlake Ham Dance "Joe"

Am & Can CH Copper Mist Ice Dancer (SOD) Am & Can CH Graycaz Due South (SOD) Eng CH Graycaz Othello Eng CH Inixia Anthony
Lordsrake Ultramarine at Graycaz
Inixia Theodora at Graycaz Zarella Teddy Edward at Inixia
Inixia at Thomasina
Can CH Graycaz Asa Spades Graycaz Hoyti Toyti Eng CH Inixia Anthony
Warmingham Freestyle at Graycaz
Lindendale Lisa at Graycaz Int & Jap CH Burghbridge Brigand
Lindendale Loopylou at Serenglade
CH Donka Shell Game CH Donka All the Games (SOM) CH Heather's Medicine Man (SOM) Am & Can CH Suzyr Doo A War Dance
CH Tatoha Siouxie Q
CH Donka Just Teasing CH Nobility Batman (SOM)
CH Arbeitsheim Cream Sherry (DOM)
Lone Tree's Red Parasol CH Ringlands Red Velvet (1986) (SOM) Ringlands Solo
Crisayne Starshine of Ringlands
Lone Tree's Mutual Fun Lone Tree's Adjustable Rate CD
Arbeitsheim Final Skorr

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